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Saline tattoo lightening

what is saline tattoo removal?

Saline tattoo removal is a safe, natural and effective way to remove botched or unwanted permanent make-up and small body tattoos.


How it works: The saline solution is implanted over existing pigment and once implanted, the solution begins to breakup the pigment and lift it to the surface of the skin by a process known as Osmosis. The skin will then form a scab containing pigment - once the scab naturally exfoliates, pigment then falls with it making it appear lighter.


At Art Meets Beauty we use the highly specialized, all-natural saline solution, Li-FT formulated with the highest quality of natural ingredients.

What's the difference between saline and laser tattoo removal?

Saline removal EXTRACTS ink from the body - Laser PUSHES ink through the immune system.

How laser tattoo removal works: Laser tattoo removal works by producing short, ultra fast pulses of light that penetrate through the top layers of the skin. Once the light reaches the ink, the light energy is then absorbed by the pigment causing the ink to break-up into small fragments which are then absorbed into the immune system making the tattoo appear lighter overtime. 

Benefits of saline tattoo lightening

  • Li-FT is a non-acid, high concentrate, saline based solution containing the highest quality of  natural ingredients:

    • Orange and lemon seed extract (both help with fading and exfoliation)

    • Aloe Vera (helps with healing)

    • Sterile Water​

  • Saline solution does not identify color and is able to target any and all ink colors. Laser tattoo removal on the other hand, cannot ​​effectively target or remove certain colors especially white ink (titanium dioxide) and may even turn some ink colors grey or black.

  • Saline tattoo removal is less invasive and is less likely to cause the skin to burn, blister or scar. 


  • Saline tattoo removal is inexpensive relatively to laser tattoo removal which can range on average from $250-$500 per session.

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Great results after just 1 session. Skin will continue to heal for a total duration of of 8 weeks before 2nd session. 

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